About Me

Me xxxx

Hi, I’m Thomas.

I like physics, philosophy, fiction, and finance. And lots of other things too. Eventually some of these things will be on this blog.

I’m a Third Culture kid, but despite growing up in several countries, I managed to retain the Britishness of my parents.

I graduated from University College London in 2019 with a masters in natural sciences. I studied a mix of theoretical physics, geophysics, and applied mathematics.

In Spring 2020 I’ll start work in management consulting, hopefully focusing on data, energy, and transport. In the meantime I’m travelling, reading, and working on a different kind of maths tutoring.

I’m currently based in London. Contact me if you are around and fancy a coffee.

You can also find me on Twitter, or for the professionally inclined, LinkedIn.

About This Blog

The theme of this blog is emergent.

I don’t know what I’m going to write about before I do it. I rarely have specific goals in advance of writing a post. Instead, I start with a thought and sometimes a purpose emerges as I write. In time, maybe a theme for the blog will emerge too.

This blog is my answer to information overload.

Thanks to the internet, our brains are afloat in a sea of stimulation. Hopefully this site will be a walled garden, with some order imposed amongst the chaos. You can find links that I’ve found useful, people who’s thinking I admire, and some writing of my own.

This blog is a tool for clearer thinking.

We consume so much information without digesting it. We listen to podcasts, music, radio. We read books, essays, blog posts, tweets. We watch TV, movies, YouTube. If we’re constantly imbibing the creations and thoughts of others, where do we come up with thoughts of our own? My writing is a muddled attempt to think for myself.

You can find out more about why I started it here.

I hope you find it useful.


It’s short, and I already owned it. Plus, excess-are-us is easy to say and remember. If you can think of any other good reasons for XSRUS, or anything it could stand for, let me know.