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On education and learning:

  • GPA 2.0: Why overemphasis on grades make both students and employers optimise for the wrong things, and how to fix this.
  • Life, School, and the 80:20 Rule: School compresses the ups and downs of life into nice linear sequences. It gives the illusion of progress. But real learning is nonlinear.
  • Reflections on Rejections: My 2019 post-undergrad CV of failures. Some lessons learned from trying lots of things without first thinking about what I really want to do.

On models in different parts of life:

On self-improvement:

  • Balancing Productivity: Why I’m more like Mike Wazowski than Sully. To be productive you need to step into discomfort, and balance passive and active behaviours.
  • Digesting Uncertainty: When faced with an uncertain environment we can do one of three things: reduce, accept, or digest.
  • Drills: Every skill can be drilled.

On organisation, strategy and economics:

More than the rest of my work, this writing relies on the insights of others.

On maths and science:

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